The other weekend, I went to a Reflexology/Pool Party for women only. I went primarily for the pool social time. But when someone else bailed, a reflexology spot opened up for me.

At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted it. I hate my feet. I’m tall, so that means I have large feet. I get pedicures constantly to attempt to make my feet look semi-cute. And someone touching my feet…makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Thoughtsy Fun Foot Fact #1: Only one foot is ticklish. I’m not telling you if it’s the left or the right.

But I’ll try anything once (not really but it sounds good).

So basically, reflexology is a foot massage. Certain points on the feet supposedly correspond to different organs or parts of the body. For example, rubbing your big toe may help with digestion.

While I was laying there, I started to get scared. This lady was in training. What if she did it wrong? What if she touched the wrong spot and it caused me to pee my pants?

As she rubbed away, I started to relax. And then I wondered…what if there was a spot on the foot that you could touch and it would cause you to lose weight?

Then I could eat all the Pop-Tarts I want. For dinner, I could eat cake, ice cream, and pie, and then I could just rub a spot on my foot to burn all of those calories.

If there’s a spot on sneakers to make you jump higher, there must be a spot on your foot to make you lose weight.


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