Breaking the Pop-Tart Addiction

Everyone knows I love Pop-Tarts, right?

Just in case you’re new here: I love Pop-Tarts. I love Pop-Tarts so much that The Idiot dubbed me the Pop-Tart Queen. (No, really, you don’t have to grovel.)

Every weekday morning I eat a Pop-Tart as a midmorning snack. (Saturdays and Sundays are usually Pop-Tart-free days.)

That’s 1 Pop-Tart a day (I don’t have the metabolism to eat an entire pack), 5 Pop-Tarts a week, 25-28 Pop-Tarts a month, 300-336 Pop-Tarts a year….

In summary…That’s a lot of Pop-Tarts.

Recently, it occurred to me that maybe I’m eating too many Pop-Tarts. (::twitch::). Maybe I have a problem. (::twitch::) Maaaaaybe I have an addiction. (::twitch, twitch::)

So, Pop-Tarts, I’m quitting you! We’re done.

Well, we will be done…after I make Pop-Tart smores.

Below I’ve documented the beginning of my Pop-Tart detox.

  • Day 1: Pop-Tarts, 0.
  • Day 2: I ate a muffin as a Pop-Tart replacement. Pop-Tarts, 0.
  • Day 3: Pop-Tarts, 0. Mini Kit Kats, 3.
  • Day 4: Pop-Tarts, 0. Mini Kit Kats, at least a gazillion.
  • Day 5: Pop-Tarts, approximately 2/3. (I didn’t eat the unfrosted edges.)

So I’m still working on it….

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