I’m Sorry. Did I Break Your Concentration?

I know I said I wanted to become an outlaw and go out in style by driving off a cliff in a Thunderbird.
But after watching Pulp Fiction, I’m not so sure. I still have so many places to see, so much to do, so much to live for, so much to learn.
Like Bon Jovi said, maybe I can still be Wanted…just not dead or alive. Just alive.  
Here’s what I learned from Pulp Fiction.
  • Rob coffee shops or diners, not banks or liquor stores.
  • Souls fit in suitcases.
  • In Paris, they call the Quarter Pounder a Royale with Cheese.
  • 7:22 AM is too early to start killing people.
  • Don’t do drugs. Unless you want a huge needle in your chest.
  • People named Zed are not nice people.
  • If Samuel L. Jackson starts eating your hamburger, you’re gonna die.

There is one thing in the movie I’m unclear on. Is What a country? Do they speak English there? I’m just not sure.


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