The Pure-of-Heart Men Folk (Part 2)

Last week I gave props to some women who have given me some good advice.

But you know what men are good at (sometimes)? Giving advice.

Or in Todd’s case, not giving advice.

Todd Pack: Not going to give you any advice on this, but Sweetie and I dated for 3 years before I proposed, and we got married 7 months later. I’m not saying this will or should happen with you guys. I’m just saying. (Could you please talk to Kiefer? He didn’t get the memo about that being how it works.)

Todd Pack: No good can come from roller disco. None. This is a scientific fact.

Zen Assassin: You should check out The Devil’s Backbone (if you haven’t already). It’s one of Del Toro’s earlier works but just as creepy as anything else he’s done.

Hacking Vegas: All I know is possession is 9/10 the law. With that in mind, you had it in your hand, so it’s yours. If someone feels the need to hand off a drink (instead of downing it) before doing anything, it’s fare game. You did the right thing in taking care of it. Now as far going down for the dancing….. well you did get caught on camera, so I’m going to have to say that’s the true crime here.

Mr. Hacking and I almost had to part ways when he took Kiefer’s sangria-stealing side, but since Mr. Hacking poked fun at the dancing, we’re still cool.


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