I Miss Borders Already

Borders is closing. And that means no more Cocoa Trios.

And although that means I won’t put on 5 pounds this winter, I’m still devestated.

Why, God, why would you take the Cocoa Trio from me in my time of need?!

After hearing the news, I needed a laugh, and who better to make me laugh than Robin Williams and Nathan Lane in The Birdcage.

Those two guys are comedy geniuses. And although I was looking for a laugh, the movie kinda depressed me even more.

But ever the teacher, I still took notes for you. I got off to a rocky start, but here’s what I learned…

  • Some men dressed as women look better than I do.
  • They are definitely better at makeup and hair than I am.
  • Their boobs look better, too.
  • I need a hot man-maid to clean for me. Or a Cabana boy. (Do you have to have a Cabana to have a Cabana Boy?)
  • John Wayne walks funny.
  • Gay men like showtunes. (Le sigh. I need more gay friends.)

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