Only the Pure-of-Heart Shall Pass (Part 1)

Although I like to keep it light, funny, and fluffy most of the time, every once in awhile my emotions get the best of me (it’s called being a woman), and I use my blog to vent.

Everyone always leaves me wonderful comments. Even the guys. (Don’t worry, guys, I’ll keep it on the downlow…for now.)

But there are certain comments of advice that really stick out. (For example, Denise can act as your blog cruise director.)

Pure-of-Heart Advice Givers, today is your appreciation day. Thank you.


Linda Medrano: For women, we have a biological clock, and we need to pay attention to it. If someone loves you, they want to give you what you need. Three years is a long time to be undecided, Honey. It’s really a matter of finding someone who wants what you want. Don’t give anyone too much of your precious time if that’s not the case.

Suzicate: You could attach the glow stick with wire hanger from her collar and she can be an angel kitty!

Cocktails at Tiffany’s: You are too nice! Tell that bitch to step off.Β 

Thy PolarLife: Just remember this…If your group chooses to rush the shooter, the shooter will aim for the most threatening of the group. Stay low.

Nikki is full of good advice. Here’s just a sampling of her comments:

There’s no wrong time for chocolate.

Umm…toasted Pop Tarts require one more thing….butter. Not kidding.

Honestly, love, talk to him about it. Yes, again. But. Maybe from a different angle. Not about how you want to get married and how he’s known that and how him not doing anything *is* upsetting and how tired you are (honey, you have every right to be). (This comment was long, but it was also soooo good. So was this one.)


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