Remembering the Alamo

Remember the Alamo? Now you can remember me, too. That’s me in the green shirt on the right.

The Alamo

Actually that little kid wouldn’t eat his broccoli, so I offered to help out by threatening him with the cannon.


I wanted to have a fun photo like me riding the cannon or sticking my finger in it, but because children were present, I opted against it.

Because the Alamo visit only took about 45 minutes, most of my free time in San Antonio was spent on the Riverwalk. I saw a woman fall into the river: purse and all. And she lost a flip flop.

Also, on the Riverwalk, are birds. Tons and tons of bird just waiting, ready to snatch up your dinner crumbs. One flew up, and he touched me.


Obviously, the birds still have me listed as Bird Enemy #1. I should have brought Esme with me as a bodyguard.


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