The Funnies…The NonNewspaper Kind

More blog-crushing-commenter-appreciation today! (I started this last week. You can read about it here and here.)

In addition to writing funny posts, some bloggers leave hilarious comments on my posts.

The Flying Chalupa: I don’t know who this Amy person is, but I think I like her. And well, hell, anything involving zombies and Princess Leia is a sure thing. (I had to lead with the comment complimenting my blog wife.)

Marina Sleeps: Dude, I would do Scarlett what’s her name.

Amy: I just got back from a beach weekend, and I too am a red and white disaster. I look like a strawberry wearing white shorts and white bathing suit top. I consider myself fortunate that at least I didn’t fall asleep and end up with “DORK” on my chest like in Police Academy (umm….hope someone remembers that……crickets…..hmmm….. well, just trust. It would have been worse than the crazy Canadian flag effect on my breasts.)

Blurt: I grew up in Maryland, but I had to leave in case this happened.

Chase: You and Kiefer are welcome to join the Species crew for New Year’s. P. Motion is our only lion; we’ll make sure that he keeps his hands to himself.

Holly: Have you made a quarantine area for when Kiefer gets back? After all, you can’t have him passing you malaria or Ebola or anything. Maybe place twister into his quarantine area, let him see how he likes trying to play it alone.

The Good Greatsby: You’re killing me, Smalls! (Anyone who quotes The Sandlot is awesome!)

These last 2 comments were on completely different posts…yet…I see a theme developing among the gentlemen who read my blog.

LBB: [I wish…] For my enemies to be in pain, and a bigger penis.

Scott: I was wondering if there was a way to both let him die AND enlarge my penis?


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