Let’s Air Condition Texas!

When I wasn’t working in San Antonio, I ate ice cream to keep from melting.

What the heck, people? Let’s just go ahead and enclose Texas in a giant air-conditioned bubble. Kinda like the movie Bio-Dome.

If you live in San Antonio, and you saw someone doing this:

Take a step; Lick ice cream. Take another step, andΒ lick ice cream again. Repeat a few more times. Hold ice cream to forehead and back of neck to cool off. Cuss the sticky mess in her hair. Finally sit down to eat ice cream and perspire.

Yeah…that was me.

If you saw someone walk into the Marble Slab Creamery holding an almost empty Haagen Dazs cup….

That was also me.

I did manage to do a few other things…barely.

Home of the 4 Horsemen Burger

Chunky’s: Home of the 4 Horsemen Burger featured on Man Vs. Food. I only recently worked my way up to Mild salsa, so I just had fries and a salad.

Glass Sculpture or Giant Uvula? You Decide

This was in the bottom of my hotel. It’s the size of a person. Maybe bigger. I was gonna buy it, but it wouldn’t fit in my carry-on.

Peach Sangria

Peach Sangria…mmmm, how I love thee! The picture is out of focus on purpose. I thought it was a nice drunken effect.

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32 responses to “Let’s Air Condition Texas!

  • Leauxra

    PEACH sangria? Dude that invented that should get the frickin’ Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Deborah the Closet Monster

    That sculpture is . . . well, let’s just say it’s not my first choice of decorating a space anyone else might ever see! Also? Glad you’re back to spaces where ice cream is for eating pleasure only! :p

  • Todd Pack

    I have a friend who lives in Phoenix. First time I went to visit him, we stopped for lunch, and he insisted we eat on the patio. They had a spritzer along the edge of the awning, and it was so dry that the mist would evaporate almost immediately. I don’t understand the physics, but it really cooled it off. Maybe something like that would work for San Antonio, like, a giant web of misters covering the city.

  • mistyslaws

    I was watching the Rangers v. O’s game last night and they showed the temp in Arlington as 104 . . . at 7:00 at night. That’s just insane!

    Oh, but peach sangria. Yum, sign me up! With the strawberries floating in it and all? Heaven! (Was Keifer with you? Or did you get to drink the Sangria without any thieving?).

  • She.Is.Just.A.Rat

    Marble Slab….*tear* I miss that place.

    Marble Slab, Marble Slab…wherefore are thou Marble Slab? Oh right…I moved to the arctic…ice cream shops tend not to go over well here maybe…

  • Bonnie

    I could go for one of those Chunky’s Four Horsemen burgers right about, like say now. And that Sangria takes me back to when Keifer pilfered yours while dancing. Glad you had that one all to yourself…


  • Dacia

    Where did you get the peach sangria? I must go have some. Now. πŸ˜‰ Ummm…yeah, SA is hot and I am all for either an air-conditioned dome or misters. Anything would be better than this. Oy! Glad you understand my pain now πŸ˜‰

  • marinasleeps

    Ha ha … yep hot is our middle name! Texas hot! There are rules when buying an ice cream …
    1. Make sure you have provided ample time for the consuption of eating an ice cream. Once an ice cream is purchased you cannot move until the entire ice cream has been comsumed. And you must do this as quickly as possible or you will have a hot mess on your hands in under 10 mins.
    2. Buy an ice cream near a sitting area or a place you can linger for about 10 mins.
    3.Consume Consume Consume as fast as your little tongue can go!!!
    4. Collapse from brain freeze.

  • Linda Medrano

    Oh girl, that place is just too hot. And it’s a wet nasty hot. It hot that climbs right inside your ears and makes the ear wax puddle. It’s hot that melts your tear ducts. What always surprised me in places like that is that locals walk around looking crisp. How in the sam hell do you look crisp in that muddy heat?

  • Things You Realize After You Get Married

    Peach Sangria and the Marble Slab Creamery—two of my favourite things! πŸ˜€

    You can have our constant air-conditioning! Except for 2 months of the year, the temperature in Canada ranges from cool, cold, colder, even colder, too cold to bother going outside! πŸ˜€

  • TheIdiotSpeaketh

    I would love to AC our state…… right now, we have our AC going 24/7 and will so until late October…. U learn real quick that you have to down ice cream in under 2 minutes or it becomes a milk shake…. πŸ™‚

  • pearlsandprose

    It couldn’t have been worse than Maryland, right??
    Haven’t been to San Antonio yet, but the weather in Houston was positively hellacious.

  • Nikitaland

    Hey Thoughtsie! A peach sangria does sound good about now, but all we have are the ingredients for a Cosmo, sooooo I guess a Cosmo it is! After reading your post, now I want a burger – darn you Thoughtsie, you’re always putting thoughts of food into my head! Woof – Miss you! Hey, did you see Pete in San Antonio? Probably not because it’s too hot!

  • Leaf Probably

    Peach Sangrea!! OMG.
    See, now that’s where you went wrong, instead of ice cream, you should have walked around sipping these. It wouldn’t have helped the heat, but it would have made the whole experiance more fun πŸ˜€

  • Carol

    I spent forever in San Antonio one week in early July. Gave up on wearing makeup, the heat and humidity just made it slide off. Gave up on styling my hair, the humidity just made it go blah anyway. Did the River Walk boat ride, but discovered being on the river made the humidity even higher. I didn’t think that was possible.

  • Brittany

    That is def a giant uvula. If only mine were that colorful and sparkly I would have men lined up at my door to get a look. That peach sangria made my heart swoon.

  • Chase McFadden

    Terrific drunken effect. That’s the difference between pros and amateurs.

  • fnkybee

    I want a peach sangria!! right now! I don’t care that it is 8am, I want one!!!
    (now I sound like a bratty little kid)

  • Angela Noelle

    Ice cream is definitely a medically proven antidote to heatstroke. So you were doing it for your health. Or maybe I just made that up…

  • Sara no "H"

    I live in Oklahoma and it is hot this summer. The humidity does not help at all. I’m surprised your ice cream lasted long enough after hitting the “no air” (as I like to call it) atmosphere. Sorry about not being able to fit that huge thing in your luggage. I’m sure it would have been lovely as a yard ornament or maybe a decoration for your tree? πŸ™‚

  • Catherine

    Umm that sangria looks amazing. Perfect size glass πŸ™‚

  • J Cahill

    Haha, I would be happy to get started on this. Since I am a one man shop, I may need some help. Anyone want to learn HVAC? πŸ™‚

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