Chasing Away Amy

In a guest post for Educlaytion forever ago, I mentioned that I like Kevin Smith movies. Mallrats and Clerks are my favorites. I’ve never been a fan of Chasing Amy, but I decided to rewatch it.

It still stunk.

Maybe it’s because it was the first Kevin Smith movie that was more serious than funny.

Or was it? When Holden suggests that he, Banky, and Alyssa have a threesome to solve all of their problems, I kept waiting for Holden to yell “Psych!”…but he never did.

The dude was totally serious. Which made me think that guys are morons. So that’s the most important lesson I learned from Chasing Amy: Guys are morons. (Bitter about my ringless finger? I think so. Just a  smidge.)

But I also learned…

  • Archie and Mr. Weatherbee were lovers.
  • Star Wars is about how the white man keeps the brother man down…even in a galaxy far, far away.
  • When you say, “I love you” and the thunder sounds right after, you shouldn’t have said it.
  • Silent Bob can talk. In complete sentences.

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