Don’t Read My Lips, Read My Hands

How can you get the instant ability to persuade any man on earth to willingly, happily, and swiftly do your bidding?

That was one of the questions I found in my blog’s search terms. I wish I knew! But I’m pretty sure the answer involves beer and sports.

Many of the questions in my search terms ask how to sign something in American Sign Language (ASL). Mostly, I see this one:

What’s the sign for “Thank You?”

Since FnkyBee and Marina recently posted vlogs, I decided to follow suit. I’m not a huge fan of my voice (I sound like a child), so an ASL vlog is perfect.

ASL Fun Fact #3: Watch the video to learn the sign for “Thank You.”


Hi! My name is Thoughtsy. It’s nice to meet you. How are you? I’m excited for my first vlog! You asked me what the sign is for “thank you.” The sign is ::kinda looks like I’m blowing you a kiss::. Later!

Remember ASL Fun Fact #1? Canada uses ASL, too, but if you live in a different country, you have your own sign language. (You can read ASL Fun Fact #2 here.)

ASL Fun Fact #4: When many Deaf people lipread, they only understand about 30%, so it’s not the best form of communication.

PS: I’ve only taken 2 sign language courses, so go easy on me.


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