Vampires Are Real But James Bond Is Not

Some movies you have to watch. When Kiefer said he hadn’t seen the movies below, I made it my mission to remedy the situation.

  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Army of Darkness
  • Phantom of the Opera

In return, Kiefer introduced me to Blues Brothers, The Big Lebowski, and Memento.

All of the movies were wonderful, so because we were on a movie roll, Kiefer even watched the first Twilight movie with me.

And thus, the movie streak was broken.

And then I learned something about relationships: Some things you’ll never live down. Ever.

Kiefer: Can I have a sip of your sangria?

Me: No.

Kiefer: Remember the time I watched that horrible movie with you? What was it? Oh yeah, Twilight.

In exchange for making him watch such an awful movie (and so I won’t have to always share my sangria), I watched a James Bond movie with him. I hate James Bond movies. Hate ’em!

The first Bond movie I ever saw included a scene where James Bond rode a motorcycle to catch a plane taking off. As he rode off a cliff, he jumped off the bike into the plane.

Pa-lease. Like that could ever happen. Only Batman could do that. Everyone knows you need a cape to do something like that.

Here’s where I pretend to be you and argue with myself.

Me Pretending to be You: So you don’t like Bond movies because they’re unrealistic? But you like vampires and werewolves, and they aren’t real! Explain yourself!

Me: I acknowledge that my reasoning makes no sense. Maybe if Bond wore a cape…. But James Bond is also cocky. And that annoys me.

Me Pretending to be You: Isn’t that Jacob Twilight character cocky?

Me: Yeah, well…uh…Shut up.

There’s no arguing with that.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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