Terrifying or Tantalizing?

David Zincenko called me fat.

True story. You can read about it right here: 6 Terrifying Theme Park Foods.

He said if I continue to eat the way I do, I will develop a “freak-show-worthy belly.”

And how does he know this? Because of the way I eat at amusement parks. One day a year will cause me to gain 400 pounds.

So what exactly am I eating?

  1. Cotton Candy (It’s fat free, DZ, so there’s no way it’s gonna make me fat. Duh.)
  2. Snow Cone (Also, fat free! And it’s frickin’ ice. Which is just water. Which is 0 calories. Double duh.)
  3. Funnel Cake (I always share this, so it doesn’t really count. Sharing cancels out calories.)
  4. Nachos (Your healthy alternative is a corndog? Seriously? Do you even know what’s in that hot dog? Not that it stops me from eating them occasionally.)

David Zincenko may be the editor of Men’s Health, but it’s just a rouse. His real mission is to attack everything I eat. Jerk….

PS: A big thanks to WordPress and everyone who read my Freshly Pressed post yesterday! I’m still playing catchup, but I’m looking forward to reading all of your posts. Your thank you Pop-Tarts are in the mail. =)


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