What’s a Gigawatt?

The other day when Kiefer, Boo, Radley, and I were at crunchy Cafe Nola for breakfast, a DeLorean pulled up outside the window.

Radley: Whoa…look at that car’s doors!

Kiefer: It’s a DeLorean.

Boo and Radley: ::blank stares::

Kiefer: The time traveling car. From Back to the Future? Great Scott!

Me: This is heavy.

And that’s how we learned Boo and Radley’s movie education was seriously lacking. So like any good parent, Kiefer sat the boys down one night to watch Back to the Future.

Here’s what I (and Boo and Radley) learned:

  • A DeLorean used to be stylish.
  • Ronald Reagan used to be an actor.
  • A flux capacitor makes time travel possible.
  • To time travel, you need a bolt of lightning that has 1.21 gigawatts…or plutonium, which you can steal from Libyans.
  • Cars have blind spots.

What other movies should Boo and Radley watch?


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