Yes, Mom, I’m Still Alive

My mom is awesome. And I know she loves me. At least…I think she loves me.

Current Events

I don’t have cable. And I have a 10-minute drive to work, so I don’t catch much news on the car radio. I usually spend those 10 minutes searching for a radio station playing Cee Lo’s “Forget You.” So I never really know what’s going on in the world.

But that’s ok because my mom keeps me informed. The other week she sent me this text:

Tornado warning where you live until 8 PM

It was 8:01 PM. I think she was secretly hoping the tornado would take me to the Land of Oz. That would make a good blog post…if I made it back.


Checking Vital Signs

When I haven’t talked to my mom for awhile, she misses me. But instead of saying that, she texts me this:

Still alive?

She reminds me  to check for a pulse to make sure I haven’t been zombified. Any mom that checks on your zombie status is a good mom.


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