Your Mother Ate My Dog!

I always do what I’m told. Always. That’s why I watched Dead Alive. (It’s a zombie movie.) Another blogger told me to watch it.

So I did.

Even when I realized 15 minutes in that I’d already seen it.

In the event of the zombie apocalypse, I took some notes for you:

  • Monkeys are evil.
  • Monkey bites are equivalent to the cheese touch from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. (The cheese touch is similar to cooties.) Except instead of people shunning you, they kill you.
  • Not all monkeys are cute.
  • High heels are good for squashing monkeys.

I swear it’s a zombie movie. Just bear with me.

  • If your skin falls off, glue will fix that right up.
  • Real love is when your boyfriend’s mother eats your dog, and you still help to care for her.
  • Sedating zombies with a tranquilizer is only a temporary solution.
  • Zombies have sex, too.
  • Priests can kick some zombie tushy: “I kick ass for the Lord!”
  • A lawnmower may be your best weapon against zombies.

And most importantly, if you’re going to punch a zombie baby, make sure everyone knows it’s a zombie baby. Otherwise, you’re going to get some weird looks.

But no one will call Child Protective Services. They’ll just judge you.

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