Pete the Penguin Lives On…Not in My Heart, But in Florida

After the cruise, Kiefer and I wandered around Port of Tampa. You know what’s at the Port of Tampa?

Do you know what you can do at the Florida Aquarium?


So that’s exactly what we did. I, Thoughtsie, touched a penguin. I also learned a lot about penguins, such as…

  • Penguins have more feathers than any other bird.
  • Penguins poop. A lot. Like every 10 minutes. (This almost made me change my mind about petting one.) And their poop can shoot up to 4 feet. No one is safe. No one.

Except for me. I was safe. I did not get pooped on.

Kiefer, on the other hand, was not so lucky.

Just kidding. Kiefer didn’t get pooped on either.

  • Penguins are extremely affectionate. They prefer to eat their fish from the biologist’s hand.
  • You know how cats purr when they’re happy? Penguins shudder. It looks like they’re having a seizure.
  • Penguins sleep a lot. Sometimes they just fall over because they’re asleep.

We got to see about 10 or so penguins, but here’s the one we got to pet. He looks familiar, doesn’t he?


I’m sure it’s Pete. Don’t you see the resemblance?

Pete the Penguin is ALIVE!

What do you think? Is it Pete or am I in denial?

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