Please Pass the Catch-Up

I love ketchup. Ketchup on onion rings. Ketchup on hash browns. Ketchup on french fries.

Sometimes I mix a little bit of mustard in the ketchup to tang it up. Mmmmm….

Puddin’: You sure do like your ketchup. (::watching wide-eyed as I shove my knife up the ketchup bottle to scrape it clean::)  Be careful with the knife.

Me: The onion ring is just a vehicle for the ketchup.

Kiefer  and Lunchbox (my brother) have made the same observation when we share food that comes with dips.

Kiefer: You sure do like crab dip. (::sliding the dip closer to him and away from me::)

Lunchbox: Would you like a little nacho with that cheese? Stop dipping, you dip hog!

Kiefer is a little more subtle about it.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my love of condiments and dip with you. Plus I’m putting some catch-up in my blog post today. God, I love the pun fun.

I’m a little behind with some awards I’ve been given.

One from Ms. Sass, one from Marina, and one from Spinny (I hope you’re ok with that nickname). 

Ladies, I salute you. If I missed anyone, I salute you, too.

I never know what the etiquette is for when you get the same award twice, but I wanted to let these ladies know I appreciate the award, and their blog post didn’t go unnoticed.

So now I’m caught up.

But what about you? Ahem. Have you completed your blog homework? Have you made the crack bread yet? Betty did. A+ for her!

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