When Is It Too Cold for Ice Cream?

Mother Nature is a tease. Probably a floozy, too.

She obviously has something going on with Jack Frost or Father Winter.

Not that long ago Maryland temperatures hit 70 degrees. And then it dropped back down into the 30s and 40s. And stayed there. What the….

Friday night Boo and Radley decided they absolutely had to go to Rita’s Italian Ice for dessert. Seriously? Rita’s. Where you have to stand outside to get your treat. Outside. In the cold.

So Boo, Radley, and Kiefer stood outside in the 42-degree weather, waiting for ice cold Rita’s. And I sat in the car with the seat warmer on high.

Back at Kiefer’s house, Kiefer and I had our own dessert: Cookies and cream ice cream topped with Magic Shell.

When is it too cold for ice cream? Never.

It can never be too cold for ice cream. It can only be too cold to stand outside and wait for it.


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