Here Kitty, Kitty

Don’t tell PETA, but I have a new piece of clothing. I found it in my drawer last night.

I’ve never really been into fur, but if Esme wants to be an accessory, who am I to deny her?

It’s a shame that it’s starting to warm up. I guess I’ll have to tuck her in the drawer until next winter.

The End

I know, I know. It’s a short post. But you love Esme more than me anyways.

Plus somebody (probably you) got me sick. I never get sick. Ever. My nose has become a leaky snot faucet, and a balloon has replaced my brain. And I think a clown just keeps blowing up the balloon. Flippin’ clowns.

See you tomorrow…if my eyes haven’t popped out of head.

For Moms only: The snot is clear. Analyze below.


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