Does The Matrix Have You?

Today you’re in for a special treat: Clay from Educlaytion wrote a guest post for the Movies Teach Us series.

If you don’t know Clay, go check out his blog. He’s in the midst of March Movie Madness. Plus my work blocks his blog, so you know he’s got good stuff over there.

I’ve seen lots of movies, but there was nothing like seeing The Matrix in the theater.

I was riveted right from the opening sequence when Trinity gets out of a jam by running around some walls, leaping across rooftops like a superhero, and racing that dump truck to a phone booth. A phone booth!

What a marvelous way to introduce a world just believable enough to spin your noodle into the possibility that maybe reality didn’t exist. For my money (which admittedly isn’t much) The Matrix is the best sci-fi and mindbender movie ever made.

I love The Matrix as much as my gracious host of the day, Miss Thoughts, loves Pop-Tarts.

I love Neo and Morpheus and how they struggle with fate.

I love the mileage the Wachowskis get out of imagery from Alice in Wonderland and allusions to various world religions.

I love how Morpheus utters what became one of my mantras for life: “Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.”

Then in between all the fabulous philosophy comes Carrie Anne-Moss (Trinity) who became my favorite for years. I was so enamored with her that my relationship decisions were directly impacted. Seriously.

One of the greatest things about this movie is how it shows us a reflection of ourselves. How many of us can relate to that voice that seems to say, “You are unsettled. There’s something wrong with the world. You don’t quite know what it is, but it’s there.”

We want answers. We seek truth. Since I happen to believe that nothing matters more than how that quest turns out for us, The Matrix remains a powerful thought provoker.

But in the spirit of Thoughts angle of what movies teach us, here are a few of the things I take away.

1. Sounds from the movie make cool ring tones.
2. Latex pants make everyone cooler and more attractive.
3. Techno was really popular in the late 90s.
4. You should always follow the White Rabbit.
5. Little bald, British boys can probably bend spoons with their minds.
6. There is no spoon.
7. Never trust Joey Pantoliano.

For the biggest lesson of all I go back to the philosophical side of the movie. I use this point at the beginning of almost every history class I teach. Are you ready? Because “remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.” Okay, here goes.

8. The world you think you live in does not exist.

There is a reality you think you live in, and there is the world that really exists. I think that life as a process is a never ending series of realizing what is in place of what we expected.

Think about it. We do our best to figure out what’s going on, but much of the time we’re lost. In fact, we spend much of our lives like Alice tumbling down that rabbit hole.

That’s the beauty of truth—an absolute and solid foundation if we can just get our feet to land on it. Now that’s a quest.

Then again, I do tend to over think things. So, maybe I should just say that the special effects were neat.


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