I’m Sorry, Soooooo Sorry

First, let me apologize to all you readers. After looking at some of my most popular search terms, I realized…

  1. I’m not writing about what you want to read.
  2. I’m not answering your questions.

I am so sorry for my blogger shortcomings. My blog is just barely over a year old (my 1-year anniversary was Friday). I’m still learning.

What You Want to

  • Zombie cupcakes—Genius. I’ll look for a recipe.
  • Reverse psychology on men—I’ll read another Mars and Venus book.
  • Fruits that can enlarge a penis—Bananas. Duh.
  • Pop-Tarts ice cream—I think I love you. Reveal yourself.

Questions Answered

  • Does Ben and Jerry’s Mud Pie ice cream have mud in it? You’re an idiot.
  • Can Edy’s fruit bars be eaten before colonoscopies? Dude, the less you eat the better.
  • Does Barney from HIMYM have a boyfriend? I feel responsible for this confusion. In the early blogging days, I blogged about Barney quite a bit. Anyways, Barney is not real. Sorry for the confusion. Also…You’re an idiot.

Quick and Handy Navigation

  • I think I lost my sanity.—You won’t find it here.
  • I luv to piss my knickers.—May I recommend this? People still say “knickers?”
  • I love wet socks.—BOLD-FACED LIE! Nobody loves wet socks. Nobody.
  • Pick up line: You’re yummy.—May I recommend singling out the arms?
  • Boob closeup and Bombastic Boobies—Right here: Zombie boob.

About thoughtsappear

I eat lots of sugar. It's the only way to keep up with my new baby and to outrun zombies. View all posts by thoughtsappear

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