Washington, DC’s Chocolate Shortage

Dear Washington, DC,

You suck. This past weekend Kiefer and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day. (Kiefer had Boo and Radley last weekend, so we celebrated this weekend.)

Let me just say the service at several of your restaurants sucks. Our servers at lunch, dinner, drinks, and dessert were awful. We had to wait for-ev-er.

I should never be made to wait for dessert. Never. You really put the city at risk.

But in particular I’d like to complain about chocolate portion size. Kiefer and I ordered chocolate lava cake, which turned out to be only slightly larger than the size of a half dollar.

Obviously, DC has some type of chocolate shortage. Why wasn’t this on the news? How can we trust our politicians to make the right decisions if they can’t even keep the nation’s Capital stocked with chocolate?

At the end of the day, due to lack of appropriate amount of chocolate, I felt like this:

Do these pants make my butt look big?

After collapsing onto the bed from chocolate dehydration, poor Kiefer didn’t have the heart to move me. He slept curled up on the corner of the bed.

Luckily, the next morning we had breakfast at the Luna Grill. The service was awesome, and the food was delicious.

You should thank the Luna Grill for saving your butt this weekend.



P.S. You’ll be receiving another letter from me shortly regarding protests and picketers and appropriate times for people to be woken up.

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