Romancing the Stone

For the last couple weeks every time I turned on the TV (at Kiefer’s house because he has Direct TV), Jewel of the Nile was on.

In fact, I bet it’s on right now. Maybe you should go check.

And for the last couple weeks, every time Jewel of the Nile was on, I thought, “I want to watch the first one!”

I clicked through the channels, scrolled through the guide, and Romancing the Stone was never on. This is just proves the saying that nothing is ever on TV. (And that, my friends, is why I don’t have cable, only Netflix.)

So finally, last night I watched Romancing the Stone through Netflix.

And here’s what I learned:

  1. Colombia is full of crime, not coffee.
  2. Michael Douglas used to be young.
  3. Don’t burn mary-ju-wanna to stay warm.
  4. The Doobie Brothers broke up.
  5. Treasure maps are super easy to follow.
  6. Always check creepy bunny statues for gems.
  7. No one can pull off alligator skin boats. No one. Not even young Michael Douglas.

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