Hide and Seek…and Attack

My original plan was to do all relationshipy Valentinesy posts this week. But after only two posts, I’m already sick of it. I need a break. Let’s talk about something else, shall we?

How about Esme? I wish I could bring that adorable kitty baby muffin with me to work. Sigh.

The other day Esme and I played Hide and Seek. When Esme plays Hide and Seek, you usually don’t have a choice on whether to play. You have to play.

The other day I realized the house was quiet. Too quiet.

Me: Esme?


Me: Esmeeeeee?


Me: NomNoms, Esme?

Not even the promise of food made her appear. Uh-oh. Maybe she escaped!

So the search began. I started with the obvious places.

Food and Water Dish

Esme was not chowing down.

My American Sign Language Textbook

Correction: Esme was chowing down…on my textbook. Fantastic. (Pay no attention to the book in the left corner of the picture. My mom got it for me. Really.)

Laundry Day

I checked the bed. All clear. Literally. Because it was laundry day.

Waaaaait…What the…. Is that…?

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.



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