My Own Commitment Issues (Part 2)

Like forever ago, I took a break from ragging on Kiefer and blogged about my commitment issues. I mentioned a few guys I dated, but I left one out with a promise to blog about him later.

Well, it’s later.

Long Distance Guy

I was LDG’s Kiefer. Or Kieferita. (It’s the femine form of the name. Trust me.)

I’d known LDG for years. We’d been friends, but he lived a few states away, so I hardly ever saw him. He was a nice guy. And he scared me.

I was pretty warped from my relationship with Mephistopheles, so I pretty much believed every guy in the entire world cheated. But for some reason, I believed that LDG wasn’t a cheater. So that said a lot.

Two phone calls highlight my commitment issues. The first one took place about a month into our relationship.

Phone Call #1

LDG: I love you.

What I Thought: Craaaaaap.

What I Said: Absolutely nothing.

LDG: Did I scare you?

What I Thought: Yes! I’m scared! I’m scared! I’m scared!

What I Said: No. I just prefer to say important things like that in person.

What You’re Thinking: Thoughts! You chicken! You’re a horrible, horrible person!

Phone Call #2

LDG: Thoughts, I wanna be a dad.

What I Said: Ok.

LDG: No, you don’t get it. I wanna be a dad with you.

This conversation (although he was drunk) terrified me. Me. Thoughtsy. Can you believe it?

What wouldn’t I give to hear Kiefer utter these words drunk or sober? Well, preferably sober.

Shortly after this phone call, we broke up. I faulted the distance, and that was a huge factor (not to mention the extreme level of drunkenness), but these phone calls probably played a role, too.

Damn you, karma.


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