Valentine’s Day Countdown

Someone got engaged….

No, it wasn’t me. (But writing about engagement seemed like a great way to kick off the countdown to Valentine’s Day.) It was Blunt Delivery. She’s one of my long-time blog crushes. She looks like this:

I think the black censor strips are her everyday clothing. But she may have a different color for every day of the week.

Here’s why you should check her out:

  1. Because I said so.
  2. Her subtitle used to be Where Honesty Flows Like Boxed Wine. Anything with “boxed wine” in the title is awesomeness in a box, er, blog.
  3. She likes the Borders Cocoa Trio.
  4. In her vlog, she ate Peppermint ice cream, a king-sized Kit Kat, and a cupcake. (You know  I appreciate a blogger with the same dessert appetite as myself.)
  5. She doesn’t like the Mystery Flavor Dum Dums. Really though, who does?

I’m not sure if she likes Pop-Tarts, but I feel like it’s a safe assumption that she does.

So while you’re checking out her blog, be sure to say Congratulations!


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