Thin Mints vs. Tagalongs vs. Samoas

The other day I nearly had a heart attack. Seriously.

But I narrowly escaped death, just like I escaped Ebola infection after reading The Hot Zone. (I have an awesome immue system. Or maybe I’m just becoming a hypochondriac.)

So what caused my heart to nearly stop?

This article: Girl Scouts Cut Back on Cookies.


My tummy turned and growled in protest. My eyes started to tear up as I began nibbling my nails (which, disappointingly, taste nothing like Girl Scout cookies). My chest tightened, and underarm sweat soaked my shirt glisten beaded on my forehead.

Pete, I cried, We’ll be together soon!

Then I read the article. Phew! They’re getting rid of Thank You Berry Munch cookies. Dodged that bullet.

I’ve never even heard of those, but I already know why they failed: The majority of the American public does not appreciate the pun.

There are certain food holidays that I look forward to all year.

  • Candy Corn season
  • Cadbury Creme Eggs season (I bought my first egg a week or two ago.)
  • Girl Scout cookie season.

Girl Scout cookie season. Also known as Samoas and Tagalong overload season. While the rest of you crazies stock pile Thin Mints, I buy armloads of Samoas and Tagalongs.

Why? Because they’re better than Thin Mints.

That’s right. I said it.

Commence throwing things now.


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