The M.R. Ducks State

It’s snowing here in…does Maryland have a nickname? It should. I mean, New York gets to be “The Big Apple.” Maybe we could call Maryland “The Big Cheese.” Just because I find the word “cheese” hilarious.

I bet Wisconsin is already “The Big Cheese.” Let’s brainstorm possible nicknames for Maryland.

  • Black-Eyed Susan State. That’s too long for a nickname. And it has a ring of spousal abuse to it.
  • The Crab State. That makes it sound like we’re a state overrun with sexually transmitted diseases.

After some research (and I by “research,” I mean Wikipedia—which doesn’t really count as a reliable source), I found that Maryland already has some nicknames.

  • The Cockade State? That just doesn’t sound right.
  • The Oyster State? We’re obviously sex obsessed over here in Maryland.
  • The Free State nickname is interesting. Maryland never passed a law enforcing Prohibition. Because we rock. Or because we’re alcoholics.
  • The M-R Ducks State? I’ve lived in Maryland for 28 years of my 29-year life, and Kiefer just explained the “M-R Ducks” things to me last summer.

Apparently (I’ve never heard it), some people in Maryland (not me) say, “Them are ducks,” and it sounds like “M. R. Ducks.” You can read the story here.

::head hung in shame for my fellow Marylanders::

So, yes, I’m from Maryland. And yes, it’s snowing here in my grammar-and pronounciation-challenged, sex-obsessed, alcoholic state.

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