Movies Teach Us: Empire Records…Remix!

Blarney dropped a bomb on me a few days ago.

Blarney has never seen Empire Records.

Blarney, I thought, what the hell? How can you be my roomie and not have seen this movie? My blog’s name comes from this movie. We’re besties no more. Friendship over.

Then I realized I was being irrational. I bet Blarney is not alone. I bet several at least one of my blog readers also hasn’t seen Empire Records.

And what a coincidence. Netflix’s Instant Streaming just happens to have the new version (with brand new scenes—a lot of new scenes) available. So now you can learn about the movie’s awesomeness with Blarney. And I get a new blog series: What Movies Teach Us. (I kinda miss the Mars and Venus series.)

So, Readers, without further ado, here’s what I learned from Empire Records.

  1. It’s easy to raise $9,000 in one night.
  2. If you glue quarters to the floor, it’s considered art.
  3. Life has an awesome soundtrack.
  4. You can spell “Mark” with a “C” or a “K.”
  5. Always tell someone you love them by 1:37 exactly. After that, it’s too probably too late.
  6. Rex Manning is a douchebag.
  7. Always leave the scene after committing a crime.
  8. “Special” brownies mean lots of sugar. True story.
  9. Always count your money…twice.
  10. Axl Rose will not help you change your flat tire.
  11. Blue Cheese is scary. (You have to watch the Remix to get this.)

These are all valauble life lessons. Watch the movie.

Damn the Man. Save the Empire.


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