What Makes Me Happy: Pop-Tarts Cereal

Last Friday night Kiefer and I went to the grocery store, and I saw the most amazing thing ever.

I swear I did a little happy dance in the middle of the aisle. My happy dance is a cabbage patch-disco hybrid with some clapping and jumping up and down thrown in.

I love the flavored Frosted Mini Wheats. I have them almost every morning for breakfast.

These new mini wheats have frosting and fruit in the middle. Sounds like a Pop-Tart!

Sunday morning…I can’t believe I waited until Sunday to eat them either, but I promised Kiefer Saturday morning breakfast at Cafe Nola…aka Cafe Crunchiness.

So Sunday morning I popped open the cereal box and breathed in the sugary goodness, my mouth was already watering, and then this happened:

Kiefer: I’m out of milk.

Me: W-w-w-w-hat? ::lower lip quivering and eyes tearing up::

Kiefer: ::realizing the floodgates are about to open:: We’ll run to the store really quickly and get some.

Me: And doughnuts, too? ::wiping my nose on my sleeve::

Kiefer: And doughnuts, too.

Close call, Kiefer. Close call.

To hold him over, Kiefer popped a Frosted Mini-Wheat in his mouth.

Me: Don’t tell me what it tastes like! Don’t even look at me! Your face will give it away!

On the drive there….

Me: Sooooo…what did it taste like?

Kiefer: It was awful.

Me: Oh my god, that means it was delicious! Why did you tell me?

And it was delicious. Especially accompanied by a Boston Cream-filled doughnut with chocolate icing on top.

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