Bolt to Voltaggio’s Volt

Kiefer, Blarney, and I joined some friends at Volt for brunch this past weekend.

The chef at Volt is none other than Top Chef’s Bryan Voltaggio. The service at Volt is fantastic. Your wish is their command! The servers are dressed nicely, but they also wear converse Chucks.

And of course, the food at Volt was amazing! Except for one tiny thing, which I’ll disclose at the end of the post.

Market Vegetable Salad: greens and herbs, minus eight vinaigrette, rosemary croutons

Maine Lobster Omelet: midnight moon goat cheese, summer creek farm yukon gold potato hash, blood orange fondue

Textures of Chocolate: dark chocolate ganache, chocolate caramel, raw organice cocoa

One of our servers was crazy knowledgeable about food and other chefs. (Rumor has it Mr. Voltaggio gives out homework.)

That’s right: I said one of our servers. We had a main server (who kept us updated on the score of the football game), a server who told us what was in our food, a server who refilled our drinks, and a server for bread.

From our bread server, I had  a cinnamon roll…plus a bite of Kiefer’s chocolate croissant, citrus scone, and his cinnamon roll. Keeps the calories down when you eat someone else’s food.

Three courses (plus unlimited bread) was $35. And at the end of our meal, they gave each of us two chocolate chip cookies.

That’s my only complaint: the chocolate chip cookies were so disappointing. I wasn’t even expecting some fancy schmancy cookie. My cookies were hard (I prefer soft cookies), and there were hardly any chocolate chips in them. =(

Don’t they teach you how to make yummy cookies on Top Chef?


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