Like a Deer in Headlights

Over the long Christmas weekend, Kiefer kept joking about engagement rings. Ha-ha-ha…not funny.

Ok, it was a little funny, but mainly I spent the holiday weekend convinced my boyfriend had definitely been replaced by a pod person.

Inner monologue is in blue.

Exhibit A: Christmas Morning

Kiefer: I think you’re really going to like what I got you.

Me: ::feverishly unwrapping to find a jewelry box that’s too big to be a ring:: But that’s ok because I wasn’t expecting one.

Kiefer: I know it’s not the size box you were hoping for….

Me: ::pause with wide eyes:: Did Kiefer just reference a ring? He never does that…even in jest. Maybe he’s referencing something else and I just have a one-track mind.

Kiefer: But you set a 3-year mark, so I’m going to wait until the last possible moment.

Me: ::wide eyes with a slight eyebrow raise:: Nope. Definitely talking about a ring. ::break eye contact immediately and continue unwrapping:: This is easily explained: Too many late night Christmas cookies = hallucinations.

 Exhibit B: Day After Christmas

Me: Tell your mom thank you for the necklace. I didn’t see it in the bottom of the gift bag.

Kiefer: You got necklaces from everyone this year! I guess I should have gotten you a different kind of jewelry. Like something that goes on your finger.

Me: ::wide eyes:: Again? Seriously? He didn’t even twitch or break out into a sweat. Yeah, so, uhhhh…anyways, tell her thanks.

 Beware. The pod people are out there.


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