Pop-Tarts Just Got More Portable

Dear Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts,

Although my previous letters (Attack of the Killer Pumpkins and She’s a Pop-Tart Maniac) are still unanswered, I’m writing you another letter.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Pop-Tarts any more. Just when I thought the people at Kellogg’s were the smartest people alive. Pop-Tarts got better. The Kellogg’s people got smarter.

For Christmas, my cousin got me this:

No, it's not a real Pop-Tart.

A Pop-Tart carrying case. A Pop-Tart purse. Pop-Tart Tupperware!

Why is this case awesome?

  • Because it looks like a Pop-Tart. Duh.
  • It keeps your Pop-Tarts from getting squished. No more crumbly Pop-Tarts.
  • Now the lonely Pop-Tart stays cozy and safe when I only eat one Pop-Tart from the 2 Pop-Tart pack.

Geniuses, you people are geniuses.

I have only one recommendation. Maybe add a little lock and key. Like a journal that locks up. You can never be too secure when it comes to Pop-Tarts.

Thank you for making my Pop-Tarts even more portable than Go-gurt.


The Pop-Tart Queen


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