The Sangria Thief’s Defense

A Guest Post by Kiefer

So Thoughts asked me to do a guest post, and she wanted me to write about her annoying me post.

However, I would rather post about the Sangria Episode.  For those that have not read it yet, you need to check it out now.  I’ll wait.

See, if you don’t check it out now, what I write will not make any sense.

For clarification, I had to ask Thoughts what she was talking about.  I don’t remember taking her sangria, for all I know, it was mine to begin with (yes, Thoughts, I finished a sentence with a preposition).

I had her recount the story for me, and I do believe she said, she “handed me [the] sangria and when [Thoughts] came back [I] drank it.”

  • So is someone really a thief if they don’t remember taking something?
  • What if it was handed to them in the first place?
  • What if there were not any explicit instructions to NOT drink said sangria?

No, I should not be arrested for taking a rather tasty sangria.  I should, however, be arrested for getting caught on camera doing the Cupid Shuffle.

As Boo would say, “Peace Out!”


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26 responses to “The Sangria Thief’s Defense

  • Denise

    This is a tough call because technically if said drink owner handed it to you and is standing in front of you while u drink it then it isn’t really stealing. But blog chicks stick together so yes, you’re a thief and you must repent. And the true value a drink is practically priceless.Repentance for stealing a drink can only come through the gift of diamonds.

  • fnkybee

    You make good arguments here Mr. Kiefer. I am now stumped. But if the drink was handed to you to hold for a moment then you hold it, you can have a few drinks of it but at least half must remain in the glass to be given back. I do agree though…being caught doing the cupid shuffle is much worse than stealing a drink. 😉

  • Amy

    If a girl hands you her drink and says “hold this” it is implied that she will return and want that drink back. All of it. Even if she forgets that she gave it to you, you must remember that it is always her drink. In fact, you will earn major boyfriend points if you remind her of the drink with a remark like, “Hey sweetie, here is your drink you gave me earlier. Thought you would want it back.” To which she will reply with, “Thank you, hon! I totally forgot all about it. You are the best!” Kisses, hugs, ride off into the sunset.*

    *results may vary

  • hackingvegas

    All I know is possession is 9/10 the law. With that in mind, you had it in your hand so it’s yours. If someone feels the need to hand off a drink (instead of downing it) before doing anything, it’s fare game. You did the right thing in taking care of it. Now as far going down for the dancing….. well you did get caught on camera. so I’m going to have to say that’s the true crime here.

  • TheIdiotSpeaketh

    The Cupid Shuffle huh? Man…that Sangria must have really messed you up…..

  • Todd Pack

    If she said something like, “Hold this,” then it was stealing. If she simply handed it to you or said something like, “Here you go,” then I think you’re in the clear, or at least have plausible deniability. Either way, free drink.

  • nikki04

    Never hand anything to someone who has already been drinking, man or woman, unless you are ok with them a) drinking/eating it (yes, even if it’s not edible – but this [hopefull] depends on how much alcohol has already been consumed), b) losing it, c) handing it to someone else (who you may or may not know) or d) spilling it.

    I thought that was common party etiquette… no?

  • Blarney

    I do feel for you, because sangria is a very confusing drink. It all looks the same, and the deliciousness factor is probably the equivalent of donuts or crack. You really should not be held accountable for your actions here, as evidenced by your having been caught on camera doing the cupid shuffle IN A SANTA HAT! However, this is America, and you are innocent until judged by a jury of Thoughts’s peers, including her roommate. You may has well have taken her purse and stuck all her tampons up your nose. Just wrong.

  • omawarisan

    Agreed, you are innocent.
    – If you had time to drink it before she asked for it back then you had it too long.
    – If you held it that long, it would be all watered down, a waste.

  • thypolarlife

    thief – noun; a person who takes, uses, or consumes something that belongs to another in secret or without open force.

    Sangria was consumed, it was not yours, and was not taken with force. The cupid shuffle? Had to have been caused by said sangria consumption and is therefore declared as evidence of such theft. Enough said….the end!

  • pearlsandprose

    You were supposed to *guard* her drink.
    But I would say you’ve been punished enough with the cupid shuffle photo.

  • LBB

    I’m from the school of, If you hold it, you can drink it!

  • mairzeebp

    Hmm…well, it’s a tough call. I mean, you did put the drink in his hand. I will tell you this, as much as I love me some sangria, had that been my ice cream cone that was enjoyed without my consent, their would be tears and bruising and a rant that involved a raised voice and the words sugar cone and jail time. Just sayin’. And what may I ask is the cupid shuffle? No, no, no, you don’t need to tell me, just send me the pics! 🙂

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