Forecast: Rain on the Jolie Parade

On Sunday Kiefer and I planned to take The Jolie into DC, but you know what they say about the best laid plans….

It rains on them.

And we all know how much I hate wet socks. So instead of walking around DC miserably in the rain, I improvised.

I wanted to show The Jolie the Natural History Museum, and in particular, the dinosaur exhibit.

Here’s my own version.

A big thank you to Kiefer for letting my confiscate Radley’s toy.

My version is better because my dinosaur is more life-like.

Even The Jolie ran from it. Or maybe she was running from Esme. And her big butt (as you can see from the picture).

Ladies, brace yourselves. Next up is the giant shoe in Union Station.

Isn’t it magnificent? (Thank you to Pearls & Prose for the pic.)

“And the shoe was this big.”

The Jolie liked this exhibit a little more. Because what woman doesn’t like shoes?

Thank you, Blarney, for letting me borrow your shoe. I’m not even going to try speculating on when you’ve actually worn this shoe.

A big thank you to Blurty McBlurts for letting me participate in The Jolie Pez Project and another big thank you to the Hipster for passing The Jolie along.


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