Sangria Thief on the Loose

Saturday Kiefer and I participated in a holiday bar crawl. (Like I told the Hipster, I swear we don’t do bar crawls all the time.)

The bar crawl was called Deck the Bars, and we were also asked to bring a toy for Toys for Tots. Here’s my toy:

The Jolie was upset with my toy choice, but I’m always buying boy toys for Boo and Radley, so I decided to go extremely girly with my toy. Don’t judge me. (You’re judging me and my fairy Barbie, aren’t you?)

Behold my second Random Act of Kindness/Christmas!

But you know who wasn’t taking part in Random Acts of Kindness/Christmas?


He stole my sangria.

Behold the Sangria Thief.

That’s me and Kiefer doing the Cupid Shuffle. As you can see, I’m obviously distracted by my lack of sangria.

I’d also like to draw your attention to my gold headband. It’s from my Tinkerbell costume. Told ya I’d wear it again!

Moral of the Post: Hold on tightly to your sangria.

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