Mission Random Act of Kindness Firefighter Style

Objective: Get They Call Me Jane a birthday gift. The only thing on her list is for me to complete a random act of kindness.

Mission: Take cookies to local firefighters.

Reward: Making Jane happy. Earning the nickname “Angel.”

I alerted Blarney to the mission. You always need back up in these situations. Wednesday night I baked oatmeal raisin and triple chocolate cookies. I taste tested the dough, and Blarney tasted tested the finish product.

We waited an acceptable amount of time (about 10 minutes) to make sure the cookies hadn’t been tampered with. We didn’t die, so the cookies were safe for others to consume.

Next we grabbed the cookies and Murphy to walk down to the Fire Station. Murphy is Blarney’s dog. Always bring a dog. The more back up, the better.

We made the long and treacherous walk (about 3 blocks) down to the Fire Station…only to find out it was locked.

I was afraid to ring the bell because, you know, we were at the Fire Station. Maybe it wasn’t a doorbell. 

Some people may not have a phone, so instead of calling 911 when their house catches on fire, they run down to the nearest Fire Department.

Hey. It could happen.

Fine. The cold weather obviously froze my smart brain cells and left only the unreasonable brain cells.

Blarney rang the bell.

Voice: Hello?

Blarney: We have cookies.

Voice: We’ll be right there. We love cookies.

Mission completed. And we didn’t even have to sacrifice the dog.


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