Spreading the Christmas Commitment Cheer

I don’t know if it’s the holiday spirit or what, but lately Kiefer has been melting my heart.

Let me add a preface that all of the comments have been small, but I’m loving it just the same. My reaction has just been a bit…delayed.

Exhibit A

Kiefer and I were watching a movie while addressing our Christmas cards. (Since we don’t live together, we send separate cards.) Just as we were finishing up….

Kiefer: “This will be the last year for this.”

Me: “Are we sending ecards next year?”

Kiefer: “Next year we’ll be able to do our Christmas cards together. We’ll just send one.”

My first reaction: “Oh.”

My delayed reaction: “Ohhhhhh! I should hug you now.”

What He Probably Meant: Addressing Christmas cards takes forever. Especially since I don’t have home address labels. I should let Thoughts live with me just so I can make her do all the work.  She could be my personal assistant.

My Interpretation: By this time next year, not only will we be living together, we’ll be married, too. Maybe he’s going to propose this Christmas. Bwah! Yeah, right.

Exhibit B

Boo and Radley were showing me their Christmas stockings….

Boo: “Where’s Thoughts’s stocking?”

Kiefer: “We have one for her. I just need to get a hook for it. We should just go ahead and put her name on it, too. I have some glitter glue and puffy paint.”

What He Probably Meant: I should put her name on it so I don’t accidently put that lingerie I bought her in one of the boys’ stockings.

My Interpretation: Putting my name on it means we’ll be together for-ev-er! Glitter glue and puffy paint can’t be undone. It’s permanent.

 Exhibit C

Kiefer and I were watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. He’d never seen it, and I love that movie!

Kiefer: “That movie was good. We should be Jack and Sally next Halloween.”

Me: “That would be awesome!”

My Suspicions: Who are you, and what have you done with my boyfriend? The real Kiefer never wants to do matching costumes. Damn pod people.


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