Putting the “Fun” (and “Fund”) in Fundraiser

You know what time of year it is? Fundraiser time.

If you have kids, you know this. Even if you don’t have kids, you know this. Every day the work lunch room is full of catalogs and papers asking for money. (I think Boo and Radley need sponsors for Jump Rope for Heart.)

And you know who is putting the “fund” in fundraiser?

Me. That’s who.

To date, I’ve bought triple chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon buns, chee-zee bread, popcorn in football team buckets, and gift certificates to restaurants.

This morning I’m indulging in the fun part of fundraising: I’m eating.

This morning I set aside my Pop-Tart in exchange for the Almighty Cinnamon Bun.

My bun looks almost exactly like the one above except for one tiny, schmidgden of a detail.

My cinnamon bun has more icing. Lots more icing.

And my cinnamon bun is about the size of your computer screen. Seriously. Ok, maybe it’s only the size of your face. It’s monstrously huge.

Correction: It was huge. Obviously I’ve already eaten it.

Anyways, because the monstrous cinnamon bunny goodness was 560 calories, I did the following:

  • Cut it into thirds (cutting burns calories)
  • Microwaved a third (microwaving burns calories)
  • Burned my tongue on the too hot icing (15 seconds was too long—burning burns calories)
  • Devoured that cinnamony bun (chewing burns calories).

Dividing that cinnamon bun into thirds was quite possibly the smartest thing I’ve ever done because I still have room for a Pop-Tart, well, maybe a third of a Pop-Tart.

When does Girl Scout cookie season start? Bring on the cookies. I’m ready.


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