Vision Test: What Do You See?

I hate going to the optometrist. It may even be worse than the yearly you-know-where exam. Ok, it’s not worse than that.

There’s just something about eyes that I find extremely disturbing. They always ask if I want to have my pupils dilated. Dilated? Are my eyes about to give birth? No. Then let’s keep them as is, shall we?

The worst part of the optometrist is when they blow air in your eye. Is that really necessary?

As soon as I rest my chin in that thing, my eye starts twitching in anticipation. If my eye could run screaming from the room, it would. Ewwww…gross image.

When I’m President (A Vote for Me is a Vote for Chocolate), I’ll do away with the eye puffer machine. Instead, optometrists will test your vision using these two pictures.

What do you see?

A laptop.

What else do you see? Look closer.

Peek-a-boo Esme!

If you don’t see the cat, your vision is worse than mine, and you’ll need the eye puffer test.

If you see the cat, you pass. Perfect vision.

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