How to Be Radioactive

It’s that time of year: time for Christmas shopping. I like to start with Boo and Radley because shopping for toys is fun.

I’m thinking of getting Boo and Radley some of these:

Glow in the Dark Spit Balls for $4

I almost passed by these spit balls. I mean they say “Fun to Throw.” What the…. Don’t you spit spit balls?

Then I saw “Glow in the Dark.” How awesome is that? Glowing makes everything better.

But I came up with a better idea. Because Kiefer is West Coast crunchy, I should be considerate of his crunchiness.

Boo and Radley can make their own spitballs. Probably lower in calories that way. Less preservatives.

But how can I get Boo and Radley’s spit to glow? I’ve brainstormed a few options:

  • Find a radioactive spider and chase Boo and Radley around with it until it bites them, just like Spiderman.
  • Drop them down a sewer and hope that they play in some radioactive ooze, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Throw a watch in a Intrinsic Field Subtractor, send them in after the watch, and then watch them glow like Dr. Manhattan. Maybe I’ll substitute the watch for a Webkinz.

Any of those should work. And no nasty chemicals. All natural glowing spit balls.


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