Couch Potato Cat

Am I a bad mother? I let my cat, Esme, watch the Friday the 13th movies with me. She’s not quite 2 years old. Do you think that’s too young for rated R movies?

I hope I’m not warping her fragile mind and creating a serial killer cat. Or giving her nightmares.

Esme Watching Friday the 13th

In my defense, I also let her watch Milo and Otis. Milo’s meowing scared her more than Jason’s theme music. And Otis…

She either loves Otis  and wants to make out with him, or she wants to scratch his eyes out. It could go either way.

As you can see, Esme and I watch loads of movies. With the winter months rapidly approaching, there’s a good chance Esme and I will pack on a couple extra pounds.

To keep the weight gain to a minimum, I’m going to teach Esme to exercise with me.

Cardio Salsa

She’s still learning the steps.

After we have exercising down, we’re moving on to the following:

  • Showing Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles from Supernatural the respect they deserve. That means not putting her cat butt on their DVD faces.
  • Reading. Then we can watch Pan’s Labyrinth together. Right now I have to read the subtitles to her, and she makes me do the voices. So annoying.

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