Daylight Savings Saves Me Nothing

Why do we fall backward and spring forward?

To make my life difficult. That’s why.

Think about it. In the spring, you lose an hour. How can that not mess up your day? Maybe if that day lost an hour from the work day. I’d be ok with a 7-hour work day.

And “falling backward” is even worse, but not only did it screw up yesterday, it screwed up today, too.

  • Yesterday morning, I couldn’t figure out if my phone already reset the time. So I woke up and thought, Is it really 8:30, or is it 7:30? I’ll just lay here for another hour just to be safe.
  • Yesterday evening, I was exhausted at 7:30, which left me feeling like this: I need to go to bed…right now. I also need my blankie. And maybe my binkie.
  • I start work at 7 AM, so the past few weeks I’ve been getting to work in the dark. This morning when I woke up, I was sure I was late for work: OH MY GOD! Is that the sun?! I’m late!
  • No one told Esme, my cat, about the hour change, so she woke me up to be fed way too early: Esme, stop gnawing my face! “Fall back” means fall back asleep!

 So if someone finds a way to make my cat conform to the beginning and ending of Daylight Savings, please let me know.


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