Costume Winners: Your Cheese Awaits

I regret to announce that no one won the costume contest. Why? Because no one sent candy bribes. Fine. Keep all of that Halloween candy to yourself.

Just kidding. Here are the top 3. (Kiefer helped me choose).

  • BadKidsGoodGrammar (I think the title of the picture—Let’s Party Right Now, Bitches!— won me over. And the box of wine.)
  • Nikitaland’s Blog (She’s an adorable puppy, and she dressed as a fairy just like me.)

Then Kiefer and I couldn’t agree on a third.

  • Firekeeper (She’s a pirate; there’s a sword; there’s a dog drinking rum.)
  • ThyPolarLife (I love the evil clown. Love it!)

Then after we pick 3/4 costumes, I decided that I really liked these other costumes as well and they deserve honorable mentions.

You may have noticed that’s everyone. I went a little nuts buying prizes, so I’m giving one to everyone.

Winners, I’ll be contacting you to ask for your address (The Idiot Speaketh will vouch I’m not dangerous because I sent him Pop-Tarts awhile back.), so I can send you a prize. I said it would be cheesy, so I contemplated sending each of you a big block of cheddar…or a big hunk of that stinky cheese. But I decided against it.

A big thank you to everyone who participated. All of the costumes were awesome!


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