Wish You Were Here

I thought I would share a few more postcards from Kiefer’s Africa trip since I never go anywhere. (Hint, hint. This is where you offer to fly me out to visit you. Anybody?)

Dear Thoughts,

Look how beautiful this beach is. I wish you were here to enjoy it with me. (And by “enjoy it,” I mean we should be skinny dipping…and stuff.)

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I love you in case I get eaten by sharks when I go shark diving tomorrow.  It’s been nice knowing you. If I die, I’m leaving you the TV and all of the stale and half-eaten bags of chips in my kitchen.

Also, I haven’t heard from you since I sent the post card joking about my new girlfriend. It was a joke. Seriously.

Although it would nice if you could wear a scrunchie every once in awhile. Too soon for that joke?

Love, Kiefer

Dear Thoughts,

I’m in Cape Town today visiting the penguins, and I thought of you because you love penguins. I’m going to try and smuggle this little guy back for you.

I’m not ready to marry you yet, but I am willing to commit to raising this penguin with you. Let’s name him Pete. Pete the Penguin. We’ll get him a butler suit and teach him to serve cocktails just like you’ve always wanted.

Love, Kiefer and Pete

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