Jesus, The Dude, and Hooters’ Girls Walk Into a Bar…

You know why I love you, blog readers? Because you and me, we have a psychic connection. Seriously.

Last night I opted for the Little Red Riding Hood costume, and this morning I read my blog and see that yesterday several of you commented or sent me messages telling me to be Little Red Riding Hood.

A few comments about this picture:

  1. Who else is loving my red bow? I want to wear it year round.
  2. After work, I was just not feeling a strapless bra. Ladies, you know what I mean. I thought my cape would cover my strap. Wrong. Oops.
  3. People kept asking Kiefer if he was Jesus. Because apparently Jesus wore a bathrobe, boxers, and sunglasses. (He’s supposed to be the The Dude from The Big Lebowski.)
  4. My red eyes were contacts. Really. Not just red eyes from the camera flash. BWAHAHA! I mean, ahem, seriously.

There were lots of costumes last night, including the socket and plug costume. (Remember when I said who actually wears the plug and socket costume? Yeah, I spoke too soon.)

But these two Hooters costumes were impossible to ignore. Impossible.

Later in the night, a homeless guy tucked a dollar bill into their shorts. I’m not sure if he was hoping for a fun time later that night or if he thought these two guys needed the money to buy new clothes more than he did.

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