Halloween All Week Long

Me: Halloween begins today.

You: Today?

Me: Today.

 You: But it’s only the 26th, stupid-head. I bet you haven’t even finished watching the Friday the 13th movies.

First off, you’re the stupid-head!

 Second, you’re right; I’m still watching the Jason movies. Netflix and the U.S. Postal Service are slowing me down. I just watched Part 4: The Final Chapter last night.

I think they should rename the movie Part 4: The Not So Final Chapter. Or the One-Third-of-the-Way-Through Chapter. By the way, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see Kevin Bacon in the first movie, Jared Paladecki in the remake, and then Corey Feldman in Part 4.

Anyways, Halloween starts today for me because I’m wearing a costume tonight.

What’s my costume? I don’t know yet.

But, Thoughtsy, you are the ultimate planner! How can you be so unprepared? Is Kiefer’s procrastination rubbing off on you?

My problem isn’t being unprepared; the problem is that I’m overprepared.

I have 4 possible costume choices for tonight. I just haven’t decided which one I’m going to wear. Witch? Little Red Riding Hood? Snow White? Gangster?

So what’s on the calendar for tonight? Kiefer and I frequent Magoo’s often to enjoy their tasty smores. They know us there. We’re regulars. Not alcoholic regulars, but smore regulars.

They’ve opened the bar downstairs for us and our friends. We pay $10, and then we get 5-6 desserts. (Take that, David Zincenko!) It’s going to be legen-wait for it-darily delish.

Of course, after tonight I’ll be dieting the rest of the week so I can fit into my costume on Saturday.


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