SPAM: It’s What’s For Dinner

I doubt any SPAM comment will ever top the Russian Mafia comment, but here are a few close seconds.


SPAM comment #1: i am addicted to Farmville.

Acknowledgment is the first step in the road to recovery. But I don’t think your addiction is too serious since you’ve managed to take a time out to comment on my blog. Or does my blog remind you of Farmville because of the animal pics? Crap.

SPAM Comment #2: Hi…do you like car rims?

My car has rims? Waaaaait…is this code for something else? No…no, I don’t like car rims.

SPAM Comment #3: Boom chica wowow.

Uh…does this mean the new pizza delivery guy might be up for more than just delivering pizza? Thanks for the heads up. No more delivery. Ever. Only DiGorno for me.

SPAM Comment #4:  Sextoyplus provides the latest female sex toys, including the worlds number one selling product, build your own sex toy fleshlight with free delivery and free batteries. Please view the website product range and be sure to find your partner the perfect gift.

I hope you don’t mind that I’ve used my red pen to edit your comment slightly.

What the heck is a fleshlight? Some type of hybrid vibrator and flashlight? If I’m building my own sex toy, why would I give it to my partner?

SPAM Comment #4: hi again, Sky

Again? Have we met before? Oh well. Everyone, all together now…Hi, Sky.


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