Fairies Are Extinct

Lunchbox (my brother) left some of his writing for me to read in a folder called “Definitely not porn…this time.” Thanks, bro. But he also left me some really cool inspirational pictures for writing.

I love fairies. I’m almost as obsessed with fairies as I am with desserts. Almost.

  • Amy Brown pictures. Check.
  • Various Tinkerbell paraphernalia. Check.
  • My Little Kitchen Fairies. Check.
  • Fairy Halloween costume from years ago. Check.

In one picture, the fairy is beautiful; she’s glowing, and she’s so unhappy that she’s been trapped in a jar. She reeks of devastation.


Why is she so sad? Because she’s been caught. A fairy who once had free reign to roam anywhere she pleased is now stuck. Stuck in the tiniest jar imaginable. She can’t even stand up, let alone spread her wings. Any minute now her tiny light will be extinguished.

What was she doing right before she was caught by human hands? Was she a rebellious teenager? Maybe she was some place she shouldn’t have been. Was she an innocent and curious child lured into the hands of deceptive human spilling lies from his lips?

Maybe she’s just a fairy trapped by a child who probably forgot to poke holes in the lid.

This is why fairies are extinct today.

Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild, With a faery hand in hand, For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.

William Butler Yeats


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